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    The Perfect Combination of Strength and Luxury

    Trucks aren’t just for the working man. Though they have the power and strength to take on tough jobs, they also have room for multiple passengers and luxurious comfort. Tow a trailer, camper, or boat, or load the bed with rock, furniture, or building materials. Take the family on a trip or around the block to the park. You can do it all with a pickup truck. At Reed Hyundai, we have a selection of used trucks for sale in Merriam, KS. No matter what you’re looking for, our team can help you find it. Preowned vehicles offer the best value, giving you a reduced price without sacrificing on quality. Contact us or stop by today to learn more about our inventory.


    Get All the Perks of a Pickup Truck at an Affordable Price

    Owning a pickup truck comes with a load of benefits. No more relying on others to help you move or paying a rental fee for a truck when you need to tow or haul something. Now you can always have all the perks of a truck when you shop for an affordable preowned pickup at Reed Hyundai. Our team will help you pick out the perfect model based on your needs. Will you be using the vehicle primarily for family transportation and light towing, or do you plan to work it to its fullest hauling heavy loads and pulling a trailer? Based on these needs, we’ll help you find the right truck. You’ll love owning a pickup truck for all of the following reasons:


    • Versatility: Though trucks are equipped to tow heavy loads, they also make the perfect weekend adventure vehicle for your family. With extended cab options, you can be sure there is enough seating and legroom for everyone.
    • Safety: Trucks naturally sit higher than other vehicles, giving you a full view of the roadway, which helps to enhance safety. Not to mention, trucks are heavier and more durable than cars, helping to protect you in the event of a collision.
    • Luxury: Today’s trucks offer more than just strength and towing. They’re also designed to be beautiful luxury vehicles. With premium and roomy interiors, all your passengers will have plenty of room to be comfortable on the journey.
    • Affordability: Trucks offer an incredible value, giving you the most bang for your buck. Trucks are very affordable, especially used models, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality or luxury.
    • Capability: You can haul almost anything with a reliable used truck. Hook up a trailer, camper, boat, and more to your truck and hit the road. You can trust that your truck has the capability to take you and your cargo wherever you want to go.


    Get a Powerful Dodge RAM 1500

    Dodge might just be the first name that comes to mind when you think of pickup trucks. Known for its enhanced horsepower and towing capabilities, the Dodge RAM 1500 is the perfect option for those looking for the ultimate truck performance. The team at Reed Hyundai will help you find the ideal RAM pickup truck to meet all of your needs. Our selection of used trucks always includes a selection from multiple manufacturers, so there’s always something for everyone.


    Browse Our Selection of Toyota Pickups

    Toyota trucks offer all the power of a standard pickup with the fuel efficiency you’d expect from Toyota. Whether you want the more compact Tacoma or the more rugged Tundra, our team is here to help you navigate our inventory. Whenever you find a model you like, you can take it for a test drive, getting a feel for its performance on the road. We invite you to visit our dealership in Merriam, KS to see our selection of Toyota trucks.


    Get Luxury and Strength with a GMC Truck

    Whether you want a truck primarily for work and towing, or you’re looking for a model to fit the whole family, GMC has an option for you. At Reed Hyundai, we have a selection of preowned GMC trucks to meet the needs of any person. We’ll match you with the perfect model, whether that’s a Sierra or Canyon. You’ll love the power and versatility you get with your used GMC pickup.


    We’ll Help You Find a New Truck, Even if It’s Not at Our Dealership

    At Reed Hyundai, our main priority is customer satisfaction. We do everything in our power to find you the truck you want. If we don’t have it at our dealership, we’ll find it. We understand just how important of a decision choosing a new car is. We don’t want our customers to settle for anything they don’t absolutely love, which is why we use our connections with other dealerships to find exactly what you want. Contact us today to learn more about our selection or stop by our dealership in Merriam, KS

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