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Reed Hyundai: Used Cars in Merriam, KS 

Many of our customers are just looking for a reliable used car to get them from point A to B. When it comes to used cars, Merriam, KS, residents want to know the used car dealership they're visiting is honest and forthright about the vehicles they sell. Reed Hyundai is that dealership. We offer a wide range of automobile styles to our customers because no two are alike. While we're a Hyundai new car dealer, we keep other makes and models on our lot. But what kind of options are available to you? Hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs are among the most popular cars in America. Each provides unique benefits the others don't. We'll run through your options below. 
Hatchbacks have become more popular over the years for a variety of reasons, so there's no shortage of options. Reed Hyundai is Merriam, KS' used car dealership with the largest selection of reliable used hatchbacks. Hatchbacks offer plenty of upside over sedans and SUVs. From practical benefits to aesthetics, they're widely sought-after. Several of the reasons include:  
  • They have increased cargo space: They're compact on the outside, but they're always bigger on the inside because the rear seats fold down. Many hatchbacks on the market can come close to delivering the same space an SUV can. Plus, they offer more efficient fuel efficiency. 
  • Hatchbacks deliver eye-catching design: Most of us consider how a used car looks and feels when we're considering a purchase. Hatchbacks combine the size and box-like design of an SUV with the slimness of a sedan. Hyundai's Veloster is a prime example of the design possibilities hatchbacks promise. 
  • They have higher resale values: Hatchbacks tend to have a higher trade-in value. They retain up to 58 percent of their original value over three years as opposed to the industry average of 38 percent for other vehicles.  
  • Hatchbacks provide a wealth of other benefits: Tall car owners enjoy the increased headroom a hatchback offers. Plus, if you're concerned about prying eyes, most hatchbacks come with a privacy shelf on the back door. 
From the sporty Honda Civic to the affordable Ford Fusion, sedans offer much that hatchbacks and SUVs don't. However, it comes down to personal preference. Most potential buyers aren't sure what they're looking for when they visit Reed Hyundai for a used car. We can offer unbiased and expert advice on the benefits of sedans, which include: 
  • A competitive market equals plenty of options: Civics and Fusions are just two of seemingly endless available used cars on the market. Honda's Accord, Hyundai's Sonata, and Kia's Optima are just a handful of the sedans you can buy. Each carmaker strives to produce quality sedans because the market is so competitive.  
  • A locked trunk: As opposed to SUVs and hatchbacks, you can store your golf clubs or other valuables without potential thieves seeing what's inside. Most sedans now offer folding rear seats, which allows for increased storage space. And you'd be surprised at the size of trunks these days.  
  • Superior fuel economy standards: Gas prices are variable. When gas prices are higher, driving a car with impressive fuel economy standards is a huge perk. Filling your tank once a week just for your commute - a regular occurrence with an SUV - isn't convenient. You'll get more mileage out of a sedan before having to make a pit stop at the gas station. 
If hatchbacks and sedans don't cut it, an SUV might be perfect for your needs. Reed Hyundai is a premium used car dealership in Merriam, KS. We have an armada of used cars on our lot, including a rotating cast of SUVs that offer endless benefits to young professionals and families alike. SUVs deliver benefits that sedans and hatchbacks can't, making them one of the best used cars on the market. Reed Hyundai's SUVs offers: 
  • Unparalleled seating capacity: Many families are bypassing the minivan for more aesthetically-pleasing SUVs. But space is still a priority. When it comes to used cars, SUVs offer the kind of seating arrangements you won't find in a sedan or hatchback, making it easier to ferry your kids to and from soccer practice and school. 
  • Ample storage: If you need to move, pick up a new bed frame from IKEA, or transport several bikes, you can simply fold your SUV's back seats down. This creates a virtual truck bed in your car. The possibilities are endless with the storage space an SUV provides, and Reed Hyundai Shawnee Mission is the used car dealership to find it.  
  • Bad weather driving: We get plenty of snow in Merriam, KS. Used cars must deliver safe driving capabilities to prospective car buyers. There's no better option available to our customers than any of the many SUVs on the market. All of them handle severe weather better than a sedan or hatchback. If you have a family, this is a benefit you can't pass up. 
  • Towing capabilities: Do you have a camper or a boat? An SUV is capable of towing it due to its size and horsepower output. Whether you're camping or boating for July 4th weekend, an SUV is the perfect vehicle to own if you need to tow. 

We're an Honest Used Car Dealership in Merriam, KS 

In addition to used cars like SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks, Reed Hyundai offers Sportbacks and trucks. If you're interested in either, visit our lot or view our online inventory portal to view our offerings. When it comes to Merriam, KS used car dealerships, Reed Hyundai is the destination to beat.