Hyundai Elantra: How to Successfully Replace a Brake Light

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Faulty tail lights may cause dangerous situations when ignored long enough. Brake lights are connected to some other vital systems of your car and provide other motorists with vital signals regarding your speed. However, driving with broken tail lights has some potential problems that include:

Fatal Accidents

Brake lights make it possible for you to see more of the road in a harsh climate, in the dark, and be seen by other drivers. Broken tail lights make it difficult for other drivers to see your car in severe weather or the dark increasing the possibility of getting sideswiped. In 2019, it was estimated that roughly 38,800 people died in car accidents.

Shifting Glitches

A Shift lock override is designed to turn on when one of your vehicle’s backlights malfunctions. Shift lock override prevents your automobile from shifting when mechanical hazards are sensed. Your motor’s transmission system can be extremely damaged by driving with a broken taillight.

Ticketed by Police

Did you know that a malfunctioning brake light could get you a ticket? The law requires any safety feature including the brake light that came on the car new from the manufacturer should function properly.


How to Find a New Brake Light

Brake lights are one of the most important safety features in your automotive that should be checked regularly. Replacing a burned-out taillight as soon as possible is a top priority. Nonetheless, while purchasing a high-quality tail light for your New Hyundai Elantra, it’s critical to spend some time researching. Below are a few tips to ensure you find a new brake light:

• Choose a Trustworthy Brand: It’s beneficial to choose a reliable brand name. A trusted brand will give you value for your money. The price gap between genuine and low-cost rear lights is usually only a few pennies.

• Use the in-store interface: In-store part search or the local retailer’s online store can help you determine the right lighting. The codes on the packages that are generally a combination of numbers and letters make it easy for you to acquire the precise part.

• Lifespan: It’s critical to check the survival rate rating of the Hyundai Elantra backlight you want to buy. There are brake lights with positive ratings from happy clients

• Good Customer Service: Tail lights manufacturers with good customer service respond to requests within a short time. After you acquire the bulbs, proper customer care will assist you in resolving any issues you may have with installation.

• Brightness: The intensity of a light bulb is measured in lumen output. You should choose the brightest daytime running lights with a higher lumen output. Positive feedback from customers will assist you in selecting the best option.

• DOT Compliance: There are some restrictions set by the Department of Transportation on various kinds of running lights based on brightness, size, and other features. DOT Approved backlights are the best to buy.

How to Replace a Brake Light

You can replace the brake light on your own with the right instructions and proper parts. Here’s a guide for replacing your Hyundai Elantra tail light.

What You Will Require

• Bulb
• Ratchet wrench
• Deep socket (10 mm)


• Open the trunk of your car
• Access the back of the brake light assembly by removing the cover.
• Unscrew the 10 mm screws that keep the backlight together and disconnect the electrical wire. The rear light assembly can now be disconnected from the Elantra.
• Turn the tail light socket anticlockwise until you hear a click and then pull it out.
• Carefully pull out the tail light bulb from the socket.
• Now install the new backlight bulb into the empty socket.
• Put back the socket into the brake light assembly and support the three tabs on the socket with the three openings in the rear light assembly.
• The tail light can now be reinstalled. Ensure the three 10 mm screws are tightened properly and carefully.

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